Tal Lev
I am an artist that specializes in interior design and various different product designs & development.
Among these services are furniture design & creation, product design, interiors, sculptures, and art installations.

My work is by imbued with a contemporary design culture containing an underlying humor, sensuality, and poetic flair.
As each project progresses, I am driven to find the "Soul" within each piece.
The inspiration for my designs comes from a collection of endless visual thrills that are constantly swirling in my mind.
These images and concepts then become transformed into my work.
By molding a story into the shapes and materials, my art becomes infused into the designs blurring the lines between them.
As new ideas take hold, they become manifested in sketches and then transferred into 3D programs turning them into workable designs.
These various tools gives me the opportunity to create a unique language through my work and manifest them in reality.
Tal Lev Studios opened 2012
Technological Institute
Holon- Hit, Israel
Degree: 2010
Honors & Awards
Multiple projects honored in a variety of international exhibitions including including: 
Design week in Milan, Italy 
Design exhibitions in Miami ,New York, and Israel